The DON'T PANIC GPS Navigation App

Clever, Straightforward and Fast

The best buy in navigation.

DON'T PANIC provides you with premium performance at a great price. Mireo's 4th generation flagship navigation software has a smooth, seamless map display, an advanced smart search, lightning-fast route calculation, foursquare integration and a simple, easy-to-use interface.

Find the right route. Instantly.

Calculating a cross country trip can take other navigation apps up to a minute. We do it in under a second. Missed your highway exit? No problem. We'll reroute your trip and get you back on track in no time. Speed Limit Alerts helps you avoid expensive fines and TMC Live Traffic (optional life-time service where available) helps you avoid accidents, roadworks and rush hour traffic.

Intuitive and Fast Search

Since most of us use a web browser on a daily basis, we've modeled our search engine to look and behave just like one. Our engineers have gone outside the box to create the smartest, fastest and easiest-to-use search engine available in any GPS navigation application. Your search results are displayed instantly.

In-App Maps and App/Map Packages

You can buy any DON'T PANIC app/map package in your local Apple App Store and Google Play Store and you'll get free, twice-yearly unlimited updates. View available app/map(s) packages here.You can also buy maps on a one-by-one basis, quickly and securely from inside the application itself. All maps feature free, unlimited, twice-yearly updates.

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