Life in the Laugh Lane

Helping the directionally-challenged.

What happens when you give a comic the freedom to get as creative and crazy as he wants? Totally uncensored voice guidance for DON'T PANIC users and a new 17+ maturity rating... Which is completely awesome!

100% Premium Grade Guidance

The Benson Instructions has been specially-designed to make life easier for the habitually lost and disoriented.

Like a rude backseat driver, Doug will tell you where to go and whether you're driving like an idiot. He'll provide you with mostly useless driving tips and more one-liners than you can shake a stick at. Naturally, there's a movie game for those long, lonely stretches of highway. There's also a bunch of other nifty content that we won't reveal here because we want you to feel überspecial when you hear it!

The Benson Instructions is all about the journey, not the destination. So... don't be too surprised if you end up a few thousand miles off-course. You can always count on Doug's voice to drown out most of your angry cursing.

*No animals were harmed during the testing of The Benson Instructions. However, several of our programmers are still exhibiting strange behavior after sampling some of Doug's "medicine".

Daily Greetings

Very Demotivational

Driving Tip/Pick-up Line

The Proposal


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Read this important buying info!: The Benson Instructions is available through the Mireo DON'T PANIC In-app Store. This means that you first need to buy a Mireo DON'T PANIC app package through iTunes or Google Play. Once it's running on your device, go to the main menu and choose Store, then Comedian Voices on the Product Category tab and select Doug Benson Voice. You'll be charged $4.99 through your iTunes, Google or PayPal account.

Read this disclaimer!: The Benson Instructions is a work of comedy containing explicit language and mature themes. It is intended for entertainment purposes only. By using Mireo DON'T PANIC and The Benson Instructions Voice Guidance, I accept that neither Mireo nor Doug Benson shall be liable to me or to any third party for any damages either direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or otherwise arising out of the use of or inability to use the application.

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