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Easy access for easy navigation.

Whether you're driving around town, travelling on business or exploring while on holiday, the ability to save and easily access frequent routes and addresses, preplan visits to interesting sites and view multiple route distances is an invaluable tool.


Do you often use the same routes? Do you want to preplan the next day's driving at home so you don't have to do it in the car in the morning? You can now create, save, view and activate routes with ease, as well as plan for multiple stops and view distances and estimated travel times.


Save and prioritize as many addresses and points of interest as you like. You can add a saved place to your current or future route, view where it is on the map or just begin navigating there immediately.

Take Me Home

Set any address as Home and the Take Me Home button takes you there immediately. Imagine you're on holiday on the Croatian coast and have spent the day exploring the countryside. Simply tap the prominently displayed Take Me Home icon and Mireo DON'T PANIC will take you back to your hotel straightaway.


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