All new search. Done right.

Intelligent. User-friendly. Instant results.

Let us find it for you.

Your first contact with any GPS navigation application is the search page and we know that first impressions count. Our search engine is simply the best. Hands down. It's instantly accessible from anywhere in the app, seriously smart and lightning fast.

Intuitive like a web browser.

Since we all use web browsers on a daily basis, we've modelled our search page to look and feel just like one. Our engineers have gone outside the box to create the smartest, fastest and easiest-to-use search engine available in any on-board turn-by-turn GPS navigation application.

We've done our homework so you don't have to.

Not sure how to spell an address or point of interest? Don't worry. Our advanced search algorithms will help you find your destination regardless of spelling mistakes. You can search using the local languages and writing systems of all of the supported country maps. Informal and shortened local names for streets are supported as well.

All-In-One Smart Search

Forgot the exact address? Don't stress. Cities, addresses, points of interest (POI), geographical coordinates and phone numbers can all be entered into the search engine simultaneously and even in partial combinations to help you quickly find your destination so you can begin your journey with total confidence. That's seriously smart.

Click to search. Just once.

Our competition still uses outdated submenus, requiring multiple clicks on multiple choices before you can even start searching for your destination. Why? Because they're still using push button technology software from the nineties. Our search icon is always there to take you directly to the search page with a single tap of your finger.


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