The Map View Button

Smart. Powerful. Immediate.

See the map view of your search results, suggested routes, favorites and trip logs by tapping a single, smart button.

Map View in Search

Instantly see your search results on the map.

It's super easy to check the actual location of your search results. Just tap the Map View button and you'll be instantly shown it's exact point on the map.

Routes and Map View

Check your proposed journey.

Tap the Map View button and you're instantly shown the entire route your navigation plans to use to take you to your destination from clear, 2D aerial perspective.


Map View in Textual Directions

Check the whereabouts of any navigation point along your route.

Every turn of your navigation route can also be displayed in successive textual instructions. Each one of those instructions corresponds to a place on the map that you can see immediately in the 3D navigation view by simply tapping the Map View button next to it.

Trip Log and Map View

See exactly where you've been.

In addition to the many useful features of your Trip Log, you can view your past trips in their entirety from a clear, 2D aerial perspective with a single tap of the Map View button.


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