Buy Only Maps You Need

Individual Maps and Regional Bundles Make Sense

Why do other GPS navigation apps force you to buy an expensive and bloated map package? Because, until now, they could. We think you should only pay for what you use. View available app/map(s) packages here.

The choice is yours.

Why would you need a map of Iceland if you're travelling along the Adriatic coast? You obviously don't need to get to The Thermal Power Exhibition at The Reykjavik Energy Museum, but you do want to see all of the important UNESCO world heritage sites in Croatia. No worries. Mireo DON'T PANIC lets you buy and download only those country maps or region bundles you really need.

Buy less. Get more.

We think you should get the best available maps at the best possible price. That's why we provide only the finest, most up-to-date maps that you can buy on an individual or regional bundled basis. This guarantees you get the most accurate navigation experience at the best possible price.

We keep it light.

Photos, videos, music, games and apps all take up precious disk space on your smart phone. Other navigation apps clog your device's memory with a bloated map package, leaving you less space for the things you really want. We keep it light by leaving map choice completely up to you.

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