More About Navigation

You get what you need, when you need it.

It's absolutely essential for an on-board turn-by-turn GPS navigation app to get you the information you need when you need it and in such a way that it seriously improves your driving experience. Mireo DON'T PANIC features prominently displayed and instantly recognizable navigation elements that will help you reach your destination.

TMC Live Traffic Alerts

The optional TMC LIve Traffic Alerts (lifetime license) appear as an instantly recognizable and readable icon that tells you where there's traffic, road works and accidents and reroutes your trip automatically to get you to your destination fast.

Availability: The following country maps support TMC Live Traffic: North America, DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Finland. You can buy TMC Live Traffic with a lifetime license through the DON'T PANIC In-app Store. You can check pricing there as well.

Requirements: You'll need an active Internet data connection on your smartphone to use TMC Live Traffic.

The Navigation Bar

Are the kids in the back seat yelling? Are other drivers are being rude and inconsiderate? Because there can be many distractions around you, the navigation bar is designed with form and function in mind. The powerful search engine, driving and route options and main menu are all right there at your fingertips.


By simply tapping the Route button, you can access the stylish Dashboard featuring a display showing your current speed, direction, altitude, longitude and latitude and GPS accuracy to within five meters.

Speed Alerts

Staying one step ahead of speed cameras and within speed limits has never been easier with Mireo DON'T PANIC's highly visible icons and audio alerts that help you drive safer and smarter (speed camera alerts where available).

Textual Driving Directions

Do you like the added reassurance of reading where you're going? By merely tapping the Route button after you've set your journey, you can view your trip as a list of turn-by-turn textual directions.

Points of Interest

Points of interest like petrol stations and restaurants appear as helpful icons along your route, letting you know the distance to them, as well as the distance to next one. If you decide to stop and fill up your fuel tank or stomach, the app will know it was only a stop along your route and automatically continue navigating you to your destination once you're moving again. Foursquare integration adds millions of user-generated POI from around the world.


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