More About Maps

Clever, Elegant and Thoroughly Useful

One thing you'll notice immediately is how seamlessly smooth and incredibly fast all the features on Mireo DON'T PANIC work. You get everything you've come to expect from an on-board turn-by-turn GPS navigation app for iPhone and Android and much more in a cleverly engineered and optimized package

Exclusive 360° View and Quick 3D to 2D View

In addition to being able to swipe, press and pinch with your fingers to pan, zoom and tilt your maps with unrivalled smoothness and speed, we've taken interactivity to the next level by providing you with an exclusive, fully-tiltable, rotatable, three-dimensional 360° map view that you can manipulate with a single finger for unprecedented navigating freedom. You can conveniently alternate between 3D and 2D views with a single button tap.

Instant Map Rendering

We know how critical it is to keep your concentration on the road ahead, so we've provided you with the fastest rendering maps of any on-board turn-by-turn GPS navigation app. Whether you're zooming, panning, tilting or just driving along, your map view is always there, fully rendered and moving smoothly.

Continuous Zooms

You can now zoom seamlessly and continuously into and out of your map, at an optimal rate that lets you effortlessly and instantly make sense of every new level of magnification.

AutoZoom Mode

Ever felt a bit baffled by which exit to take at a confusing roundabout or where exactly you need to turn at five or six-way intersection? AutoZoom helps you out by automatically and smoothly shifting from the default 3D view to an aerial 2D perspective for a clearer overview and easier navigating.

Optional View Presets

Now you can program three buttons to provide custom 3D and 2D view combinations that are always at your fingertips. A conveniently-placed fourth button is always there to take you quickly back to the default AutoZoom mode.

One-touch Destination Selection

Start navigating quickly by simply holding your finger on any point on the map for a few seconds. It automatically becomes your destination!

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