Real time fleet management and tracking
system for all types of vessels

Why Use It?

The MireoFleet fleet management system for boats enables you to track and monitor position of the boats in real time. It also supports BackOffice analysis, Geofencing and Alarms. It supports safety of your clients, crew and valuable property.
Know exact location of any of your vessels in real time including all historical data about movement
Use geofencing to prevent potentially hazardous areas such as shallow water areas
Warn your clients about incoming storm or other danger to keep them, your crew and property safe

Explore the Possibilities

The service includes:

  • GPS terminal tracking device 
  • Additional power supply 
  • SIM card
  • Eqipment installation on vessel
  • Unlimited usage of MireoFleet application with cartographic data
  • Warranty and 24/7 customer support
Are you interested in MireoFleet for vessels?