About us | Innovation is at the core of what we do

Our vision is to simplify the way we live, work, and navigate our planet’s roads.

We are Mireo!

Innovation is at the core of what we do. Founded in 2001, Mireo is a pioneer in developing award-winning GPS navigation and software solutions for vehicle tracking and fleet management. We have redefined the limits of speed and capabilities in analyzing spatiotemporal data. We’ve drawn the most detailed road map of Croatia. Enthusiasts always coming up with revolutionary ideas on how to implement cutting edge technologies – that’s who we are.

You're our customer, you're the boss!

Maintaining excellent relationships with our customers is crucial for us. At Mireo, there is always someone available to meet your needs. We always try to put ourselves in your shoes. We are both small and big at the same time. You are not just a client to us – you are our teammate in shaping the future and making the world a better place to live. As we continue to grow, we continually improve on our existing products, create new ones, and share our expertise.

Because we love what we do!

Let us give you new ideas and show you new ways to approach your business. It is our desire for our users to feel the same passion and vision as we do. Everything we do, we do in-house. We believe that the best ideas are formed in a relaxed environment, and we always inspire our employees to feel free and to develop their ideas and skills. There’s just one more thing you need to know – every software solution designed at Mireo is developed very straightforward - it's developed from the heart.

The brochure about life at Mireo


Our goal was to create something that would include everything one needs to know about Mireo. We wanted to create something memorable, something that will mirror what we do.


We wanted to produce content that genuinely shows a mix of our business and private life at Mireo. We think this brochure is informative and fun at the same time.


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