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A feature-packed virtual machine with three geolocation API services for managing interactive maps on a webpage or in an application

Because Compact Maps is accurate, affordable, and requires at least 10x times less hardware resources

Is the recent Google Maps API price increase (by 14x) making you feel anxious? Are data security, cost-cutting, and assured performance your prime motivations in managing interactive maps? Do you want to host your geolocation services on private servers? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’ve come to the right place.

Our mission is to provide you exceptional map API services, and our first rule is to be unique. We are here to ensure you complete freedom in designing mapping, geocoding, reverse geocoding, routing, or navigation services. How difficult is it to use Compact Maps geolocation API services? Not at all! Our motto is more for less.

Being unique is better than
being average

Since there are several competitive geolocation API solutions, we are here to tell you what makes us unique, and what makes us exceptional. In a nutshell, Compact Maps is a combination of three API services that is built on four key foundations – bulletproof security, high performance, free choice of maps, and cost-effectiveness. This makes our "big four" solution anything but average.

Being simple is better than
being complicated

Whether you want to overlay various information and statistical data on top of a map or you just want to use it to tell an exciting story, we can do it together. We provide you a simple tool for any need. Since the complete system is delivered in one single virtual machine file, it can run from any computer with the virtual machine installed on it. It couldn’t be simpler.

Being affordable is better than not being

Our customer support agent will figure out which product variant best meets your needs. If your business grows, you can scale Compact Maps by simply buying another module. Pricing is simple, flexible, and easy – you have the freedom to start with a handful of users and grow to well beyond millions. Just give us a shout!


"Big four"

Whether you want to simply put your data on a map or create and manage advanced maps, Compact Maps is the easiest and fastest solution for your needs. Our geolocation API services are run from your business premises. Our high-performance geocoding services mean we can use whatever map data you choose. Since you don’t need any specialized hardware, we can offer you a flat-rate pricing model without limitations.


Three geolocation API services. An infinite number of possibilities.

The Compact Maps geolocation API services allows you to combine the map tiles API, geocoding and reverse geocoding API, and routing API to develop anything your heart desires. A single skilled JS developer can help you implement Compact Maps services in just a few days. Visualizing your geospatial data has never been easier and more affordable.


Visualizing information helps you make better decisions. Showing data on interactive maps lets you give your data a voice. Personalize the look and feel of your maps and create a never-ending story. Let your data speak for you.

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What you’ll get?

Map Tiles

The Map Tiles API delivers digital map data in vector format. These vector tiles contain map geometry data, road names, place names, street numbers, and other parameters related to cartographic data. The map data in vector tiles enables the personalized formatting of cartographic data. Also, the use of vector-based data formats enables much greater speed and flexibility. 3D rendering is fully supported.

Geocoding and reverse geocoding API

Forward geocoding resolves textual address queries to longitude/latitude. Reverse geocoding converts a pair of given geographic coordinates to a description of a location, usually the name of a place or a postal address. The service adapts automatically to country-specific address formats. It's also tolerant of spelling mistakes.


The Routing API calculates a route between two or more geographical locations. It calculates up to three alternative routes between two or more geographic locations. The Routing API service’s advanced algorithm can typically calculate routes across a network of tens of millions of streets within just a few milliseconds on commodity hardware.