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A totally unique database for massive GPS tracking and spatiotemporal data analysis

Because SpaceTime pushes the limits of speed and possibilities in analyzing spatiotemporal data

The SpaceTime database is roughly 1,000 times faster than any other state-of-the-art spatiotemporal data analysis solution. The engine is designed to insert and query spatiotemporal data types extremely quickly. It stores trillions of records without performance degradation. Its extraordinary massive GPS tracking engine, enormous spatiotemporal database, and high-speed query system make SpaceTime a monster in spatiotemporal data analysis.

Our mission is to help you manage and analyze big spatiotemporal databases efficiently and quickly. Get deep insight into your spatiotemporal data within a few seconds, regardless how big your data is. Your time is limited, so don’t waste it. Turn your data and our knowledge into your power and make a business breakthrough today.

The SpaceTime database stores trillions of records without performance degradation.
The Mireo SpaceTime query engine processes queries and creates reports in milliseconds.


We’ll let you in on the secret to our success. Our goal was to create an analytical tool that would outperform other existing spatiotemporal data analysis solutions by an order of magnitude. We wanted to make it remarkable and unique, and so we didn’t wait for an opportunity to come along. We created our own opportunity, and that was that - our monster was born.

It's all about data, information, insights, and knowledge!

Whether you want to track your movable objects with GPS devices or you just want to import your historical data into our spatiotemporal database, we are here for you. Adding new reports is no longer an expensive, slow process. Analysis are generated instantly to provide you great user experience.


We can perform any kind of data analysis in near real time – no predefined reports needed. The Mireo SpaceTime query engine processes queries and creates reports in milliseconds. We are doing things that nobody else is doing, we are doing them extraordinarily, and that’s why we’re here. See for yourself!
SpaceTime provides storing an unlimited number of spatiotemporal database records and instant access to all historical data.

in numbers.

An unlimited number of geotagged and timestamped database records, instant access to all historical data, and reports of any kind generated in seconds are just some of our unique selling points. We deliver more than you expect!

You don't need to leave your comfort zone to make progress!

After you tell us what you need, you will have one of two options. We can either create predefined reports with spatiotemporal data for you, or we can teach you to generate them on your own. It’s up to you! If you can imagine it, we can help you do it – because we know things nobody else does.


Turn ordinary data
into powerful

Our extremely simple set of APIs allows you to develop any application that uses spatiotemporal data. Whether you’re a third-party telematics fleet management provider, a GPS tracking front-end application developer, or simply have to analyze a spatiotemporal database for a business project, we have a solution for you.

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If you can measure your data, you can turn your data into information. Information is the core of your business!

Tons of spatiotemporal data to store? Piece of cake!

Every moveable object sends data to SpaceTime periodically at a prescribed frequency. The data contains various location and status information, which may differ across different devices and vehicles. The common subset of data always contains a timestamp and location information. The amount of data collected over time is enormous, but we handle it in real time – because we are simply masterminds.

is the key!

Flexibility, horizontal scalability, extreme preciseness – these are the key to infrastructure. Our incredible query engine can generate any kind of report instantly. Scalability ensures simultaneous tracking, real-time analysis, and reporting for an unlimited number of moveable objects. Trajectory reconstruction is more than 99.9% accurate. Calculated precision in the rest of the vehicle tracking industry reaches a maximum of 92%, but we are 7.9% better. Just call us the "Kings of Preciseness."

Trajectory reconstruction in SpaceTime is more than 99,9% accurate. Mireo has developed the unique Map Matching algorithm in the world.

Accuracy is everything.

We have developed the unique Map Matching algorithm in the world. Its role is to correct the original GPS location sent by the device by aligning it with street network geometry. Our algorithm takes into account GPS location, velocity, heading, previously corrected GPS location, and many other parameters. The output is complete, continuous road geometry between successive GPS locations. Because we want you to have accurate information about your moveable objects, not just indications.

Mireo wants you to be able to track your vehicles and access your data in real-time. Minimize risk in your business with SpaceTime.

No single
of failure.

SpaceTime is a fault-tolerant system, and there is no single point of failure. All communication units, storage units, analytics processors, and data access adaptors are redundant. We want you to be able to track your vehicles and access your data in real-time, no matter what. Minimize risk in your business with SpaceTime. It will work 24/7, from implementation until the end of time.

It's all about innovation.
And about making it happen!

SpaceTime is an innovative solution. It offers an innovative GPS tracking system for moveable objects. It has an innovative spatiotemporal database. It's just magic. We are the only ones in the industry with this kind of solution. What’s wrong with other existing telematics solutions? Adding new reports is an expensive, time-consuming process. Adding new vehicles to the tracking system is difficult. Reports can't be generated instantly. They have poor precision. SpaceTime doesn't suffer from any of these problems.

How much
for a
little monster?

It's cost-effective. It's about 1,000 times faster. It's 10 times cheaper than other similar state-of-the-art solutions. Maybe this all sounds unrealistic, or you think it's a fraud. But let's show you the math. For 100,000 vehicles, you need four computers with 8-core CPU, 32 GB RAM, and a 1TB SSD (NVMe). For example, AWS EC2 instance type i3.2xlarge is perfect. Data retention is 24 months but is actually limited by the size of SSD. Specification is for the SpaceTime database only. Full tracking system with Map Matching algorithm and other components would require some extra hardware.