Location Data Solutions
For the past two decades, Mireo has been delivering innovative location data solutions to partners from the Automotive, Connected Insurance, Telecom, and Telematics industries.
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Usage-based insurance | Insurtech
Tesla Rolls Out Usage-Based Insurance
The car insurance market demands and its competitiveness inevitably push car insurance towards telematics.
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Embedded automotive GPS navigation
The Future Of Embedded Navigation
The embedded navigation has never been more relevant, and there is a strong upward trend in embedding navigation in modern vehicles.
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Large scale GPS tracking
GPS tracking of 12 millions heavy trucks
How a China bank uses GPS tracking data to assess local factory's financial health?
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Car insurance discrimination| Insurtech
Telematics Fighting Against Car Insurance Redlining
Telematics is shifting the insurers’ discriminating models from socio-economic and non-driving factors towards precise claim risk factors.
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Automotive Navigation Solutions
Automotive Navigation Solutions
One-stop-shop for automotive solutions. Full-featured and tailor-made navigation solutions for creating next-level in-car driving experiences.
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Monetizing Connected Car Data
Monetizing Connected Car Data
The platform that unlocks the technology barriers between the massive processing of connected cars’ data and the monetization opportunities.
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On-premises Mapping platform
Tailor-Made Location and Mapping Solutions
The essential tools for transforming business with tailor-made map-based solutions. The unique and high-performant infrastructure is the foundation of scalable and sustainable location-based projects.
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Fleet tracking solutions | Telematics
Advanced Telematics Solutions
Extensive set of tools designed for streamlining the fleet operations and increasing fleet efficiency with real-time and analytical data-driven decisions.
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Why Mireo?

Mireo was founded in 2001, with a desire to create top-of-the-line GPS navigations.

Twenty years and over 20 Million navigation licenses later, we're partnering with major automotive OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers today. This expertise opened the doors of the telematics industry, and today we're shifting the paradigm of connected vehicle data analytics with our SpaceTime technology.