We want to simplify the way you live, work, and navigate our planet's roads.

Innovation is a key value at Mireo. We are focused on providing sophisticated, world-class technology. Our solutions are ready to meet today's needs and tomorrow's challenges. Today, it's all about GPS navigation and all the cool stuff that goes along with it. We make magic in this industry. Every day, we reinvent what's possible.
Being different is a great thing. It shows the world you're brave enough to be yourself.
We’ve spent a lot of time making sure this website is just perfect for you. Every word, every comma, every picture – simply everything is exactly where it should be, no more, no less. We don't want to just slap a lot of messy content on our homepage and hope that it will catch your eye. Because it won't. Technically, there isn’t enough space to describe everything we do in just one short paragraph. And we don't want to do that. Take some time, and you'll learn a lot, we promise. If we’ve done a good job, you’ll find everything you need to take the first step to improve your business. Contact us, and let's create the future together.

Maybe this introduction is a bit out of the ordinary.
But so are we.

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Why Mireo?

It's not just about the ideas we have. It's about our positive attitude, about our hardworking nature, and about us. We don't want to succeed at imitation. We don't want to develop the same things as everybody. We would rather be unique and fail while being original than be just average. If we inspire you to learn more and do more, we'll know that we’ve succeeded. Because it's all about making ideas happen.