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International Sales Executive - Open Position

Mireo is looking for a new team member - International Sales Executive - responsible for promoting and selling Compact Maps to many other verticals.

Compact Maps offers features similar to Google Maps or Mapbox services, with clear competitive advantages: it can be self-hosted, it can use map data of choice, and it is very competitive and customer business-adjusted priced.

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Digital Marketing Manager - Open Position

Mireo is looking for a Digital Marketing Manager who will help us expand our online presence significantly. Digital channels that we'd like to use are common (WEB, LinkedIn, FB, you name it), but the Digital Marketing Manager we're looking for has to be somewhat unconventional and unorthodox. Maybe "creative" is the right word.

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Get familiar with our selection process. Don't be freaked out, we don't bite for now!


Send us your application

Send us your CV so we can find out a little bit more about you. Also, you can always apply a motivational letter as an opportunity to present your willingness to work with us.


Take our knowledge exam

Look at this as a possibility to demonstrate you fit the specific requirements. Don't worry if you don't know everything. You can explain us how would you get an answer, because it's the mindset that counts.


Do the psychological testing

We want to be sure you will be happy working with us and vice versa. Also, we will get a more detailed insights into your potentials so we can help you find the best way to fit in with us.


Final interview

It's the exam for both of us. It's your last chance to convince us you're the best fit for Mireo. Talk with us, explain your desires and passion, and what's the most important, be honest.

We are Mireo

Our mission is to unlock the potential in every individual.

The most important thing is
to be yourself

At Mireo, everyone is encouraged to think differently. Creativity, positivity, and attention to detail are our core values. We believe that teams perform best when they are diverse. We try to ensure that every team member feels that they belong and find meaning in their work.

A group of people who share the same passion always do big things

Are you ready for daily challenges? Do you have a passion for pushing boundaries? We are constantly on the lookout for new talent, creative thinkers, and problem solvers. Our team is our strongest asset, and when talented individuals work as a team, great things happen.

At Mireo, everyone is encouraged to think differently.

Make your dreams come through

Don't just dream about your future. Imagine it and create it. If you work with your passion, it will become your hobby and job at the same time. At Mireo, we take more than just your education or hidden talents into account. Our passion for our work is the secret to our careers. Follow your passion, and contact us if you feel it inside.

At Mireo, if you work with your passion, it will become your hobby and job at the same time.

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