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A fleet management solution with real-time locations of all your vehicles

Because 99.98% tracking precision, unlimited fleet size, and unprecedented speed in data processing means you really can control everything

Do you know where your vehicles are? Where are they going? Have there been any unplanned changes to your routes? Want to avoid any additional costs? Are your employees using company cars for private purposes? Our fleet management solution provides industry-leading tracking precision of 99.98%. Our real-time vehicle tracking gives you answers to all of these questions – all you have to do is ask.

Our mission is to provide you a top-quality GPS tracking and fleet management solution. We are dedicated to providing high-quality customer support. With us, you can track everything on the move: vehicles, trucks, shipments, and even humans and animals. Reduce your costs and take control of your own money before your lack of money starts controlling you.

above all

We are engineers. We have more than two decades of experience in navigation, mapping, tracking, and firmware. Our employees are our most valuable resource. We guarantee you a professional solution for your fleet management and GPS vehicle tracking needs.

It's sophisticated
because it's simple

We are simple, and so is our software solution. That's how we work. We offer you an easy-to-use administration module and intuitive user interface because we don’t want you be afraid of our software – we want you to love it. Because more than 125,000 vehicles worldwide already do.

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We guarantee you a professional approach from your very first contact with us. Our sales representatives will determine which of our packages best suits your needs. You’ll be ready to implement our fleet management solution just a few days after our first meeting.

MireoFleet is a top-quality GPS tracking and fleet management solution. Reduce your costs and take control of your own money.

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Manage your fleet easily, anywhere, anytime. MireoFleet is among the most precise and reliable fleet management and automated vehicle location solutions available to global customers today. Think we’re just like the rest? Don't see what makes us different? We can describe it here, but you absolutely need to try it yourself to believe it!


Our solution is the number one choice in fleet management and business optimization. With industry-leading precision, access to all historical data within seconds, back-office analytics, and advanced route planning and optimization, you can improve driver efficiency, increase productivity, and lower costs.

Don't be a control freak!
Let us be that guy for you!

Whether you’re a company with a small, medium, or large fleet, we are here to help you optimize your business, reduce fleet and fuel costs, track vehicle speed, or find out if your vehicles are being used outside working hours. Maybe you know someone who is engaged in distribution and logistics or transportation and needs a fleet management solution? Just say the word.

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MireoFleet solution is developed completely in-house, and all you need is a computer, an internet connection, and a web browser.

What you’ll get

and powerful

Our fleet management solution is developed completely in-house. Anyone who knows how to use e-mail is sure to be able to use the MireoFleet solution. All you need is a computer, an internet connection, and your favorite web browser. It works, 24/7. We also guarantee the security of your data. So simple, it’s simply extraordinary.

The highest accuracy
on the planet

The system's precision of 99.98% is one of the main reasons why our fleet management technology is trusted as the top-quality solution in the vehicle tracking industry. This accuracy is achieved through our Map Matching algorithm. Every piece of incoming GPS data is matched against road geometry, which provides complete road path reconstruction in real time.

Unlimited number
of vehicles

You can track a fleet of any size – there is no limit. Our MireoFleet solution collects an unlimited number of moveable objects. Scalability is achieved by adding more physical servers as required. Start with a couple of vehicles and grow to any number you need.

With MireoFleet, avoid highways, unpaved roads, toll roads, or ferries. Plan your route and make a positive difference in your business.

More advanced.
The most advanced.

Our route calculation is the fastest, and we’re proud of it. Let us help you optimize your routes. Our integrated search and navigation engine lets you set a starting point, destination, and an unlimited number of waypoints in between. You can choose custom parameters while planning a route. Avoid highways, unpaved roads, toll roads, or ferries. Plan your route and make a positive difference in your business.

Let's make
it fun.

Hate paperwork? Does managing vehicle insurance data leave you baffled? Do you want more control over fuel costs, planned and unplanned maintenance? Reduce your paperwork, control all your vehicle and driver costs, manage registration information, and automate travel orders. Simplify your life.


Your data can make your business more successful and more powerful. Get insight into every segment you are interested in. Use our reports to tell your drivers to be more efficient. Alert your drivers to irregularities such as speeding. Help your drivers work less and make more.